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Wellsville Public Library

Collection Development Policy

Policy concerning how the library selects materials

The Primary purpose of the Wellsville Public Library is to purchase, organize and make readily accessible books. In striving to meet its obligations within the limits of its resources, the Wellsville Public Library will follow these guidelines for the general collections:

  1. When lack of funds limits purchases, current in-print publications of lasting value, generally will be given priority over out of print publications.
  2. The number of copies of any title shall be dependent upon demand of the patrons and the size of the community.
  3. It is neither the intent nor the responsibility of the Library to acquire textbooks.
  4. Materials may be acquired only in language justified by community make-up or needs.
  5. Gifts of library materials must comply with the collection development priorities of the Library. Books and magazines will be accepted as the Library has room available for such donations: DVDs will be accepted only if title is not currently in our collection, and it is in excellent condition. All donations are subject to the librarian and the Library board's discretion.
  6. Monetary gifts to the Library should be made through the Library Director.
  7. A patron who may object to specific books or other library materials will be asked to complete a form, Request for Reconsideration of Materials, available from the Library Director and appear at the normal Library Board meeting to present his/her request. The results of any such dispute or challenge shall be disclosed to the public and published on the library's website. If patron does not properly fill out the form, the request will not be considered valid and the request will not be addresses. Once board has taken action on the request, it can not be brought up again.
  8. The Library Director cannot remove books or other materials from the library collection without the authority of the Library Board. The Wellsville Public Library adopts the guidelines specified in the CREW(Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding) Manual of books from the Library collection because of age, inaccurate information, outdated, and irrelevancy.

Collection Development Policy concerning minors:

  1. When funds allow, reviews are read before selecting a book, age appropriateness is looked into, and topic is considered when minors are involved. The Librarian also checks out Best Seller lists(A) Truman Award nominees (YA) Gateway nominees (YA), Mark Twain nominees (J), Building Block nominees(E), Caldecott nominees (E), and Newberry Award Nominees (J) and any series or sequels associated with books that are in the library. The librarian follows age suggestions given by WorldCat, publishers, and reviews on books for minors. The library collections for patrons under age 18 are split into the "E" collection, which is intended for ages birth to 2nd grade, the "J" collection which is intended for patrons 3rd grade through 8th grade, and the "YA" collection which is intended for 9th grade and above. There may be some variation in the age appropriateness of each collection. In general, decisions to place particular items in the collections are done by the standard of the average person, applying contemporary community standards nationwide, would find the material, taken as a whole, has a tendency to appeal to age birth through 2nd grade for "E" materials, 3rd through 8th grade for "J" materials, and 9th grade and above for "YA" materials; and/or the publisher's suggested age range if available. Please note that age recommendation is only that, a recommendation. This statement is required by Missouri Regulation 15 CSR 30-200.015.
  2. No funds received shall be used to purchase or acquire material defined in section 573.010, RSMo.
  3. Library personnel do not supervise children. Responsibility for a child's reading must rest in the hands of the parent/guardian, not the library.
  4. Displays in the area designated for minors will have age appropriate materials. 
  5. No presentation shall be held at the library without age-appropriate designation affixed.

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